Science Leadership Council


The Science Leadership Council (SLC) is a working committee which falls within the Compute Canada management structure. The group meets regularly (typically every two weeks) to discuss strategic directions for research support, science policy, assessment of science needs (e.g. SPARC consultation results), and other current topics and special projects. It is comprised of disciplinary and technology development team leads representing a wide range of disciplines, as well as four researchers appointed by the four regional organizations.  

Members and Roles:

  • John Simpson, Chair, Compute Canada / University of Alberta
  • Lydia Vermeyden, Humanities and Social Sciences National Team Lead, ACENET
  • Jason Hlady, Research Data Management National Team Lead, University of Saskatchewan
  • Oliver Stueker, Molecular Modelling and Simulation National Team Lead, Memorial University
  • Leslie Groer, Subatomic Physics National Team Lead, University of Toronto
  • José Sergio Hleap, Bioinformatics National Team Lead interim, SHARCNET (University of Guelph)
  • Garth Evans, Collaboration National Team Co-Lead, University of British Columbia
  • Malcom Petch, Collaboration National Team Co-Lead, University of British Columbia
  • Alex Razoumov, Visualization Working Group Lead, WestGrid
  • Sergey Mashchenko, Training Coordination National Team Lead, McMaster University
  • Pawel Pomorski, Accelerator Working Group Lead, University of Waterloo
  • Patrick Mann, Chair TLC, Compute Canada
  • Ines Hessler, ACENET Representative
  • Maxime Boissonneault, Research Support National Team Lead, Université Laval
  • Tessa Derksen, Communications Working Group Representative, Compute Canada
  • Eduardo Fuenmayor, Scientific Project Manager, Compute Canada
  • Jean Roberth (JR) Souza, Support Person, Compute Canada